Saturday, April 19, 2008

Back to School

The last couple of weeks I have been able to spend a lot of time at school. Even Michael has gone to school. Makenna was star student so Michael brought Okie (the horse) and a mare and baby for the kids to see. He showed the kindergarten and first grade classes. They loved it. The pictures will be in the paper this week. Because of the blizzard, Makenna missed the day that I was supposed to come in so we went on Tuesday of this week to eat with her. Because Michael was in Kentucky, all the kids got to come with me. We read stories to the class and then got to eat tacos in the cafeteria. YUMMY! Not so much. Then Thursday I got to go make bread with the first grade class. Dillon opted to stay with me instead of staying home with Michael, so he helped. Mrs. Pearson had me bring in the wheat grinder and everything so they could see it from start to finish. We ground the wheat and mixed the bread and then went to music class while it was raising. Then we put it in the bread pans and ate lunch while it raised again. We had chicken patties with fake mashed potatoes. YUMMY AGAIN! Then while the bread was baking we went to recess. Dillon loved playing with the boys on the playground. After recess we ate the bread with homemade jelly that Mrs. Pearson asked me to bring. This time it really was yummy! She took lots of pictures and I will get to be in the newspaper too! Friday I got to go on the first grade class field trip with Maddi. It was fun to get to spend the day with her. On the way home we stopped at Dairy Queen and Mrs. Pearson bought all the kids ice cream. That was one brave bus driver to let 24 kids with ice cream comes back on his bus! I think he deserves a medal. We had no major spills though. By the time the week was over I felt like Zane and I wanted to quit school too. I was tired. Michael made it home from Kentucky safely and he has another trip next week. The picture I am attaching is from the night that we had no power when we cooked hamburgers and hotdogs on our woodburning stove.

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Katie said...

HOLY COW! Did I ever tell you that you make me tired? Happy birthday Zane. Rachael is wanting to have a blue birthday party even though you aren't going to be here.
Hope you get some quiet time this week,yeah right :)
love you guys.