Monday, March 31, 2008

Snow is Falling All Around

Possibly up to 10 inches! Not so much fun unless you're under still in school and then it's great! The kids gotup got ready for school. The bus came and got them. They ate breakfast at school and then the bus brought them home. What a full day! I'm not sure why the kids had to go to school just for breakfast except maybe the school needed to get rid of the leftover pizza that they served for breakfast so it was worth running the busses. Zane informed me that they didn't even bring any papers home because they didn't have any classes. They were home five minutes and toild me it was boring being at home and that they were hungry. Well, we are out of food (today is usually grocery store day) and I can't go to the store to get any. I guess we will be having homemade bread and butter with popcorn as a treat. Sounds almost as healthy as the cold pizza breakfast they had at school. Anyone want to come over for lunch?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Here are picture from this weekend.

It's Spring?

I know they say it's spring but got 4 1/2 inches of snow last night. The kids knew when the first day of spring was and now they insist on wearing shorts every day, Dillon and Makenna especially. Pretty much every day I am having to send them back upstairs to change. Hopefully it will warm up soon and we can all enjoy the outdoors a little more. Saturday morning, Hendricks had their annual Easter egg hunt at the park. It snowed during the night and for a little while that morning. At our house it wasn't too cold but the park is right by the lake and there was some pretty cold air blowing across that frozen lake. By the time we were done half the kids were crying because they were so cold. Makenna opted out of wearing a jacket and just went in her swaet pants and sweat shirt. Then she decided it would be fun to go down the slide. Of course there were puddles at the bottom of the slide so she ran around literally freezing her pattutie off. To make the hunt fair, the people in charge count how many kids there are and then tell them how many eggs they can find. That way every one gets the same. When we started we were all allowed to get 12 eggs. Well, Zane's 12 filled his basket a lot more than everyone else's 12. Then towards the end they told us we could get 5 more, so Zane some how managed to squeeze 5 more in his basket. Well, some of the other kids didn't get 5 more (because Zane had them all) so we started taking out some of his so the other kids could find them. He kept telling us that "those are my five more. They said I could get five more!" He managed to get away with several "five more". They all had fun though. By Sunday they were so out of control because of the fun weekend that i had to take away their candy and hide it. Sunday night Michael had to go to the foaling barn to spend the night so I was left with the kids. We had out them to bed before he left but they would not settle down. They were jumping on the beds, yelling, playing, throwing toys - you get the picture. I finally got all their baskets and emptied them into a big bag and hid it. Then I umped out all the grass and put their baskets away (they had been warned that this would happen. Once a warning, then there had to be a follow through.) Then I went upstairs and told them what I had done and that it was time for them to settle down. I never heard a sound the rest of the night! Who knew it would work so well? Yesterday I took the boys and Olivia downtown to collect all their prizes from the Easter egg hunt. They were in heaven. We started at the pharmacy and collected 9 candy bars. Then we went to the hardware store and got 3 more. The we went over to the bank and got $1.50 in quarters. They took their quarters to the grocery store and got some juice. They still have 4 ice cream cones and a malt to get. We decided to save that for another day. Anyways, it was a fun weekend but we are glad school is going again and we have our schedule back.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Leprechauns, Leprechauns

We started a new tradition last year for St. Patricks Day. The kids call the leprechauns to come and play and then they have to go hide in their room. While they are hiding, the leprechauns come in and make a treausre hunt for the kids. after they leave, the kids come down and do the hunt and find the treasure at the end. They absolutely love it. This year they invited friends to come do it with them. We did our hunt and then had chicken noodle soup. Afterwards we made irish soda bread. It was a fun evening for everyone. Sunday, Zeke was upset because he couldn't wear his boots because they were muddy. I found him a pair of Lala's and he was so excited. He went jumping through the house, showing everyone and refused to take them off. He even wanted to wear them to town the next day. The only problem with the boots is that they were bright pink! He looked good. I don't think he minds the pink color. I have since hid the pink boots and cleaned his other ones.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter treat for the kids

Yesterday I went to Maddi's class to do their Easter project. They loved it too. I will share it with all of you. Those of you who have kids may think it's fun too. I found the idea in the Family Fun magazine and then I worte a little story to go with it. The story goes:
On a calm, quiet night inthe early spring, the Easter Bunny comes with treats to bring.
He goes to each house and leaves goodies galore and if you've been good he leaves a few more!
How does on little Bunny hop so far in one night? How does one little Bunny accomplish this plight?
Can he hop that far without even stopping? Does he hop and hop and then keep on hopping?
I'll tell you a secret that you must mever repeat. I'll tell you how the Easter Bunny brings you treats.
You know Santa has reindeer that fly through the air and the tooth fairy has wings to take her here and there.
Well, the Easter Bunny has something too. The Easter Bunny has something new.
It's small and it's fast and it looks pretty cool. He can take it to work, he can take it to school.
But most important it can take him and his basket of eggs to your house without any sore muscles or legs!
Can you guess what this is that can take him so far? You bet! The Easter Bunny has a new car!
It's not like the ones that you and I see. It's got to be special for the Easter Bunny.
Instead of metal and rubber and allthat stuff it's made of chocoalte and candy and marshmallow fluff.
The wheels are round candies that are so sweet to eat. If one falls off you just add a new treat.
The seat that he sits on is not a bore. It's soft and it's chocolate. Do you want to hear more?
The headlights are chocolates of all different hues, some pink, some green, and some light blue.
The steering wheel is also good to the tasting. It looks like a lifesaver with a horn of white frosting.
It's all so delicious and seems too good to be true, but the Easter Bunny told me. I believe him, do you?

So after the story then you make the car. Get a chocolate ho-ho (or something similar) for the car, mini vanilla wafers for the wheels, m&ms for the headlights, lifesavers for the steering wheels, and a marshmallow bunny peep. Use white frosting to stick it all together. It sounds kind of cheesy but the kids love it. I am now the most popular kid in kindergarten and first grade! Makenna and I even made it on the front page of the mewspaper. Anyways, it's just a fun idea to take up some time during Easter break.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Last night I went on my 1.5 mile run. Maddi really wanted to go with me. I told her she could but she had to run the whole time because I couldn't stop for her to walk. She agreed to it and away we went. I wasn't sure what I was going to do when she really did have to stop and walk but I never had to worry about it. She ran the whole way! I was quite impressed. That's a long way for a little 7 year old (actually it's a long way for me too right now). Now she wants to run in the Arbor Day 5k. Every entrant gets a tree and she wants one so she can use it in one of her 4-H entries. Makenna wants to do it too. That will be our new goal to train for. It's in April so we will have a little time to get ready for it. Anyways, I look at these little kids and all their energy and strength and it makes me think that I need to be doing something different so I can recapture some of that. One of these days1 Today I get to go to Maddi's class to read a story I wrote and do a snack project with them. She is excited. I went to Makenna's class on Monday. All the kids thought it was so cool. They have been working on writing a class book that they get published so they have been learning about authors and illustrators. Makenna's teacher told them that I was an author (that got a lot of oohs and aahs) and so I told them that the illustrators for my book were Makenna, Maddi and Zane. Makenna was quite proud when her class was so impressed by her illustrations. Hopefully Maddi's class will enjoy it too. Next week I get to go to Zane's class. They will not be so impressed with the story but they will love the snack project afterwards.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

School Committee

I am on a committee at school that has rewritten the mission statement and vision for the elementary school and now we are identifying the strengths, weakensses, opportunities and threats to our little school. It has been very interesting listening and being involved with people in the community and seeing how closely related our thriving school is to our thriving community. Without one the other goes away too. Anyways, as a result of being on this I came up with the idea of a fundraiser. I am actually quite excited about it and so is everyone else I have talked to about it. I wanted to run a half marathon this year (I can finally do it because I know there are no more children in the future). There aren't any around that I can do so I decided to start my own and turn it into a fundraiser for the school. So far I have 3 businesses in town to sponsor me - one being Winchester Place LLC. If I can get enough sponsors to cover the cost of food, drinks, and t-shirts then all the proceeds from the entry fees can go straight to the school. One of my friends here is a marathon runner so she will help me with the course and other details that I don't know about. We will do it in September after school starts again. We will try to get each elementary class to form a team so that each grade can run a half-marathon or marathon to help support their school as well. We have a great community here that is very supportive of our children and I think it will be a great way to bring the two together and I will get to accomplish my goal as well. Of course there are still a lot of hoops that have to be jumped through. We have to talk to the city and figure out insurance waivers. The commity could just tell me no. But for now, I am very excited about the prospects and I hope that it is a success and we can make it a yearly event. The kids are all doing great. The weather has been wonderful the last few days and we are enjoying that. Dillon has recovered nicely and will go to the doctor Monday to make sure everything has healed properly.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

SMART room

At our school they have a room called the SMART room. It's actually pretty neat. Each class gets a time to go and they work on a lot of eye-hand coordination, large motor and small motor skills. They do balance beams, monkey bars, a trampoline that they jump on and at the top of each jump they have a number or word to read. They do crawling on mats where they have to put their hands on pieces of paper as they crawl and say one of the words, numbers or shapes on the paper. The do tracing lines with one eye closed, they do pencil rolls, alligator crawls, and lots of other things. The girls absolutely love it. It's really a good program. Anyways, as of yesterday they started doing an open gym at the school for all the ECFE aged children (preschool down to newborn). ECFE is our preschool program. During our open gym time we are allowed a time slot in the SMART room. The PE teacher took all of us in there and showed us each station and what we were supposed to do at each. Then she left us on our own. It was pretty funny to watch. All these kids wanted to do was play with the balls and jump on the trampolines - remember, Dillon is one of the oldest - so you have these moms in there trying to get the kids to do what they are supposed to do at the staions and you have the kids running around doing whatever they want. Well, we had moms doing the alligator crawl, the pencil roll, crawling on the mats saying the words on the papers as they placed their hands on them and learning to dribble with one hand. I'm not sure who in the room was SMARTer - the kids for taking advantage of fun new things or the moms because we all did the stations properly and learned to trace things on the wall using our "not favorite" eye!